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Multi-Generational Families

Many of the individuals we serve are part of much larger multi-generational families. Their success has impact for their immediate family today, but also has the potential to extend forward to future generations. Some have already reaped the benefits of inherited wealth in the form of trusts or other estate managed distribution tools. Either way these individuals have a lot of current and future opportunities to consider, while balancing the potential tax implications of wealth transfer that is not adequately addressed during their lifetime. 

There are many high profile stories that have graced the media over the years of multi-generational families who had successfully managed wealth for many generations, but then reach a turning point where the level of financial advisement they were receiving dwindled and the impact was devastating.

We typically meet our multi-generational families when they are seeking the structure to transfer wealth strategically for an infinite amount of time into the future, but we have also served to rectify complex estate structures that have lost their effectiveness and need to be refreshed and retooled to remain solvent. In both scenarios we understand the importance of the role we play, and that multi-generational wealth isn’t only about longevity, it is also about legacy. 

To receive a complimentary estate readiness analysis from our experienced team, please contact us today at 856.488.2806 or reach us by email at We look forward to your call.